Business // Battling a Screen Addiction

Who here has a smart phone?

Do you use your as a barrier in public when you don’t know what else to do?

Are you using your phone when you are in the presence of your family and friends all the time?

Do you find yourself freaking out for five seconds when you think you lose your phone but it happens be have fallen in the crack of the couch you are sitting on?

battling a screen addiction iPhone screen time overuse

I raised my hands or nodded for each of these questions and that is scary. I am here to come clean to you today on something I am newly cognizant about:

I am addicted to my iPhone.

I am addicted to the social media scroll, the endless lives of Candy Crush, the getting stuck in the Instagram explore tab for a good 30 minute watching candy-making videos, and the Buzzfeed post readings. I truly didn’t know how many hours I logged on my phone until I downloaded the app Moment.

After setting this app up on my phone, it pulled past data from my battery usage which iPhones have in the settings app. I think it tries to understand my trends in order to get baseline. I decided to not alter my behavior for one week and see how much I used my phone per day. Here are my results for the week:

battling a screen addiction iPhone screen time overuse

The amount of times I picked up my phone, the time spent on it… So yea, 3-4 hours a day is kinda crazy in my opinion. If I slept for 8 hours (that’s realllly optimistic), that leaves 12-13 hours left for my productivity during the day (taking into account getting ready in the morning and eating). My time spent on my iPhone was 25-30% (!!!) of my “productive time” of the day. And what is even crazier is that this does not even include what I spend on the computer or iPad. My job is very technology centric: I spend a lot of my time editing, blogging, viewing website traffic metrics, posting to social media, tracking business expenses, etc.

But even my downtime is even filled with me using a screen. When I am in bed, I am reading a book on my iPad or watching Golden Girls. When I am eating with a friends, my phone is always on the table next to me. Those moments I have to wait around for someone has me with my phone out and I am on it. I am constantly surrounded by technology and a screen.

I am battling a screen addiction.

Looking back at those results just continues to shock me. You can see that Sunday is an anomaly but what you don’t know is I purposely left my phone in my apartment for the whole day. As I went to church, spent the early afternoon with my family, and hung out with my best friend to watch the Game of Thrones season finale, I was without my phone. From 10:30am until close to 11:00pm, how crazy is it that I still managed to get 2 hours of screen time in that morning and evening?!

battling a screen addiction iPhone screen time overuse do more things that make you forget to look at your phoneGuys, that frightens me how much I am utterly dependent on a phone. You hear those jokes all the time from older people saying how technology is the downfall of society and it is making us dumber. I always brushed them off as grumpy people who don’t understand the wonderful advances technology has brought. And don’t get me wrong, having so much information at the tap of the screen makes me feel smarter but they are kinda correct, right? Our interpersonal skills and our ability to occupy ourselves without a phone in our hand are kinda going down the drain.

So today, I am making a pledge. I am going to try to not always have my phone at hand. Much like the wonderful Jenna Kutcher wrote it, I want to do more things that make me FORGET to look at my phone.

I want to travel and experience things without the need to share it immediately! Here is what I plan on doing and I hope you will join me to have more presence in your life:

  • Purposely forget my phone at home when I know I am going to be with family and friends.
  • When I am home, keep my phone in a different room to lower my random phone checks.
  • Limit my social media use to morning and evenings UNLESS I am posting for my business.

Essentially, I want to just be more aware of my phone usage, especially when I am around those I love.

Do you have any suggestions to help me? Would love it if you leave a comment with one!


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