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SamiM Photography | Valdosta, GA Newborn Photographer
Sassy Dumbledore was a must for this post. Because Harry Potter. and well I think Dumbledore would have bought the RVP guide too. maybe. don’t ask me questions…


Everyone gets asked the question, if they could have dinner with someone dead or alive, who it would be? Most people say Jesus, a relative, or celebrity. But me? I would say Rachel Vanoven – who I will concede is kinda a celebrity in the newborn community. (forgive me Jesusssss!) She is just so incredibly real. In a time where I am fed up with social media sites, I am an avid follower of her work and her life (yea, I am that girl who follows her both of facebook and instagram).

SamiM Photography | Valdosta, GA Newborn Photographer


I purchased her old newborn guide about two years ago and I was blown away by the information within it. Not only did the videos provide insane visualizations of posing (I am a “learn-by-seeing” kinda girl!), her quirky, relatable written content was spot on. When she announced her new guide, I was pretty ecstatic. I was in grad school (debt…wahhhh!) and I decided I didn’t care what it cost, I was getting the new one.

I actually stayed up until 3am waiting for that file to download on my computer even though I had class early the next day. So.Worth.It. Not only is it still very Rachel Vanoven-esq with her commentary – the variety of videos were just INSANE! There is just an ease of navigating the guide. Can we also talk about the hot dad she managed to get to pose with his shirt off….RARRR!

And the best part about buying the eWorkshop? Getting into the private Facebook group! Not only do you get a chance to ask Rachel questions herself, you get a whole group that is so supportive of each other and so helpful whenever you ask anything. I seriously avidly check and interact with the group members because they just foster so much community and friendship.

Do me a favor and buy it so I can stop going on and on about it – because I can do this for days! It’s worth it. every single penny. every single minute you read and watch it.

Here is a great example of a before/after newborn workshop. Sweet brothers!
older brother (top) from February 2014
little brother (bottom) from September 2015.

SamiM Photography | Valdosta, GA Newborn Photographer

And you know – other pictures post workshop…

SamiM Photography | Valdosta, GA Newborn PhotographerSamiM Photography | Valdosta, GA Newborn PhotographerSamiM Photography | Valdosta, GA Newborn PhotographerSamiM Photography | Valdosta, GA Newborn Photographer
So yea, in closing, I wanna eat tacos with RV so we can become the best friends that I know we are meant to be.


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