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Yea – so I guess my goal is to write at least one blog post every 6 months because that seems to be my norm. I never seem to catch up! Anyways, this post has been a LONG time coming. I have wanted to do this for a while but, let’s be real, my studio is always a complete mess with all of my projects or craziness. and honestly, my studio is still a mess. I never can seem to stay on top of keeping it in “showroom” readiness. Currently, I am battling bean bag beans and glitter all over the place. Oh, and my desk is covered with so many papers.!

That being said, I decided that I cannot wait for my studio to be perfect because it will probably never be completely spotless. I will always have props left out from sessions. I will more then likely find glitter on the floor for at least another 20 years. There is always going to be more paperwork on my desk then I can manage. Plus, I myself am not perfect so I think my studio space reflects that just so! 


First up for your viewing pleasure is my client space. I have a couch that a sweet couple from church donated this comfy gem and I just slipcovered it- definitely a win! With a gallery wall that I began building going on 5 years from my collection of frames and sparkly stuff from antique stores, yard sales, and various retail stores. (*Hobby Lobby employees probably know me by my first name!*) Even before I had my branding in place – the black and white with ALL THE GOLD with the modern, edgy feel – I was buying things I just liked. A smattering of fake succulents (because I kill plants just by breathing near them) and some photos, I created this client seating area and a baby changing table that is for those deliriously tired parents who want to relax during their newborn session. 

Click on each picture to get a larger view!


Next up is my ordering/product table! I am so glad to finally be able to show clients what I offer – albums, canvases, custom announcement cards, and even the heirloom photoblocks. Physical tangible things that they can flip through or touch and feel. Rub their face against if they wanted. or not. The table and chairs are ikea finds. 

My shooting area is directly across from the client couch. It currently has two seamless paper rolls and a new custom wooden backdrop that my snazzy friend built for me. This is where the magic happens. That giant umbrella contraption is my new lighting set-up. Did I mention that it is giant? 86inch PLM. Yea, I run into it all the time. But its just perfect for my indoor sessions. Also, my wall of headbands, bonnets, and newborn pant sets are right beside my work space in perfect grabbing distance during a session. so many choices and organized by color. Oh, and the love Andrea and Orion (who is now 8 months old – WHAT?!?) are rocking the large canvas on my prop wall.
You may see behind the monstrosity lighting system I have another table set up. I didn’t manage to snap a picture but that is the coffee/microwave station for my clients. You never know when you need a caffeine kick or need to nuke a baby bottle so I offer that as a convenience for them. 
Next up is my work space. I already warned you about the mess that it is. so many papers and cords everywhere. My friend Jonathan built me (with my help or hindrance, you decide) this desk once I decided I could not find what I wanted. Picture printer and large screen iMac make this girl super happy. Plus I surrounded myself with tons of personal pictures of my sweet nephews and the polaroid snap shots from my road trip with my moma to the Grand Canyon last May. Behind me is a little kitchenette that I usually use for food (obviously) and product packaging. It is currently covered with way too much stuff to even share. I am embarrassed.
Lastly, I have a cluttered and full storage room. The shelves are literally full to the brim with baskets and blankets and float rugs. I have on the wall beside it a bar full of blankets and knit fabric I use for newborn backdrops. 
I also have a bathroom but felt really weird taking a photo of a bathroom and sharing it.
check out my instagram @samimastrario to see all the behind the scenes work creating the space it is today. I am way better at instagram than at blogging! #SamiMStudio <== click there!
Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 7.04.20 PM
So, what do you think? Are you in love with it? Wanna come see it in person?? Leave me a comment, please! Be my best friend!
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  • Meagan Caton - Looks great Sami but I already knew that. BTW you had me at "local weirdo photographer" and I will be your best friend. I thought I was the only weird one.February 22, 2016 – 11:13 pmReplyCancel

  • Sami Mastrario - Glad to know you! ❤️❤️Future best photographer friends and weirdos.February 22, 2016 – 11:18 pmReplyCancel

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