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When it comes to doing a task, I can get as easily distracted as the next person – ESPECIALLY if it is not something I want to do right at that moment or if there is definitely something more interesting to do *cough* Netflix *cough*.

I have 3 tips for staying on task that I have personally used that I think are simple and pretty foolproof for any task whether it is photo editing, writing a blog post, or folding that load of laundry that is STILL sitting on your couch that you grab clean clothes from:

Formulate a plan

This seems like such a self-explanatory idea but believe me, I have been there many a time and found myself either with intense writer’s block or franticly rushing around. Just simply creating a bullet point list can make a world of difference. Your plan of attack is not set in stone, either! True story – I wrote out my several tips and made notes before settling on these three. Yes, I can wing it sometimes but why should I?

Make yourself comfy

In college when I had to write papers on medieval history or some other topic like cell biology, I would fidget all over the place in the library and people watch. I would try one position or another and gawk all the while never accomplishing anything productive. By my second semester, I had found my sweet spot. For me, it was a quiet room free of distractions. It was a place where I could move and change positions easily. It was also a social-media/cell-phone banned spot which conveniently leads me to my next tip. See what I did there?

Truly block all distractions with the SelfControl App

This truly brilliant application (and totally evil at the same time) is available on Apple computers and devices. I even believe they have released an Android version but don’t quote me on that. We live in a world full of immediate entertainment whether it is our email, social media, Buzzfeed, CNN, you name it, it’s available for our attention. The SelfControl App is a program that you set for a specific amount of time and you place specific websites on the “blacklist.” You cannot access those programs until the time expires even if you delete the app or restart your computer. I have used it many a time and it’s frustrating to the maximum but totally perfect for staying on task.

Do you have any fantastic tips for staying on task to share? Comment below!


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