Beantown Winter Wonderland

Boston, Massachusetts

Beantown Winter Wonderland

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“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name,
and they’re always glad you came…”

All the way back in summer 2007, my moma and my sisters went on a road trip to New England. We ventured around in Vermont, ate cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, witnessed the colossal water rushing at Niagara Falls, and my personal favorite, traipsed around Boston. I vividly remember falling in love with the Northern city because of it’s charm, the neighborhoods, and of course the history. Many of you may know that I have two degrees in history so that city was right up my alley – especially the British historical presence from the Revolution. But I digress on that subject.

When my moma and I decided to be spontaneous and go on a trip, Boston was definitely on the top of the list (with Washington D.C. and NYC). Plane tickets were purchased, an airbnb apartment in the Northend of Boston (Little Italy!) was booked, and all that was left was for us to pack and go!

Experiencing the holiday decorations of the city was definitely something new for us on our travels. As I mentioned, my family always traveled during the summer months so the weather and the atmosphere were totally different. Wreaths, lights, large gorgeous Christmas trees, and ice skating! Oh, and did I mention SNOW? As a South Georgia girl, I very rarely get to see the powdery stuff so it is always a monumental event when I can frolic around (carefully since I am a huge klutz) while it snows. It was pretty cold the entire time in Boston with the highs in the lower 30s. On Monday morning, the day before we left, it was no different except I woke up and saw the prettiest flakes falling outside the window. The video to the right was taken via my phone while I was  snuggled in the bed. A little slo-mo action on it!

Moma and I walked around Little Italy as the flurries fell all around us. We ate a delicious breakfast and then ventured by the North Church (where Paul Revere did his infamous lantern hanging). It was by far my favorite memory from the trip.

But alas, all good things must come to an end. After what seems like a whirlwind trip of non-stop Italian food and frozen body parts, we flew back home. I will admit, it was very strange wearing a winter coat and scarf to the airport and then arriving back home to 65 degree weather. I am sure those in Jacksonville airport thought we were a bit strange carrying around out winter gear.

Traveling – whether domestic or international is always just a blast. Experiencing new things, visiting culturally and historically significant sites, and eating amazing food is what it is all about!

If there was one place you could visit, where would it be? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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