Embedding a Video into an Image with Photoshop CC

We all want to have super jam up social media accounts, right? Well today I am going to help you take your social media to the next level! Instead of posting a plain old photo or simple video, how about combining the two? Although it may seem daunting, embedding a video into an image with Photoshop CC is surprisingly easy. But first, here is a real life example I created for my SamiM Adventures travel Instagram.

In my personal experience, embedding a video into an image with Photoshop CC just seemed like something for a video editor and outside of my scope of knowledge. I fiddled around, read a bunch of articles, and watched a ton of videos and I eventually figured it out! A general knowledge of clipping masks, layers, and general editing in Photoshop is needed for you to be able to accomplish this task.

In this video, here is my simplified version that covers pretty much everything you need to know. You will see me creating the above example that I created this to advertise the SamiM Adventures Fine Art Print Shop. I wanted to give potential customers an idea of what a picture would look like in a matted frame. I think the image I am using was a free stock image I got on Creative Market or Pexels a while ago.

Check it out!

Embedding a video into an image with Photoshop CC


But this trick does not only have to be used for you to sell your photos (or whatever products you sell). You can also do this to showcase some of your kids videos in a cool and unique way. In this next example, I embedded a video into an image with Photoshop CC by clipping it to my SamiM Adventures email sign-up freebie PS document. You will see the beautiful Kravica Falls in the small Instax polaroid!

The possibilities are endless!

If you have another idea on how else to use this trick for your social media, comment below!


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