How to create a Insta-worthy photo!

Y’all – we all know that I am obsessed with Instagram. You should really follow me because I post a lot more sneaks and a lot of behind-the-scenes videos and images. This is my personal account (sorry – I don’t have a specific photography insta account!) and I sometimes post selfies of my new makeup trials, my crazy nephews and niece, and my life in general.

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I had someone ask me the other day about my styled-desktop pictures that I sometimes post and how I created those images. There are a lot of stock photographers out there offer these mock-ups (seriously – visit Etsy or even Creative Market) and you can pay but me being me, I decided to give it a shot myself a couple months ago and I can’t stop. I LOVE creating these little mockups with all the various gold odds and ends I have in my studio. And they are seriously so easy to do yourself. Here is my method on how to create a Insta-worthy photo yourself!

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Here is what you need to achieve these mock-ups:

  • A white background. I have used several sheets of paper laid out on a table or floor but I definitely recommend a foam board that you can get easily from any dollar store or craft store. The foam board is great because you don’t have to worry about papers moving, removing creases in PS (which I did because I am a perfectionist), and it remains still so if you put heavier stuff on it, it won’t crinkle.
  • Your item details. You want your focus to be in the middle whether it is a new product, some handwritten letters, or an iPad that you plan on adding a photo to later. Then you start putting stuff that matches your brand around the center focus in a haphazard but styled fashion. I use a lot of gold since it’s recognizable to my brand. Here are some ideas of what to include:
    • Scissors
    • Writing Utensils
    • Notebooks
    • Ribbons (fabric or gift wrap) usually curled in the side. This is so easy to add a pattern or just a pop of color.
    • Paperclips
    • Stationary
    • Cacti or succulents
    • tape dispensers
    • coffee cups
    • MacBooks, keyboards, iPhones, etc. Easily added in the center or off to the sides
    • scrapbook paper
    • corkboard pins
    • Literally anything
  • Gorgeous lighting – usually natural window lighting
  • iPhone or Camera to take photos

Seriously – that list may seem like a lot but I really don’t think you need EVERYTHING on the list. I was just hopefully giving you some ideas.

Now let’s get to styling!

Here are two different set-ups I put together with what I had around my studio. The gold was the easiest because I have so much gold stuff as I mentioned. The other was a bit more challenging to do the creamy orange.

Here is some of the stuff I had to choose from. This is just showing you some of my goods and not an actual set-up.

How to create a Insta-worthy photo Button

A nice little iPhone pull back of the set-up I created it.

How to create a Insta-worthy photo Button


The final Instagram photo I would share. There was minor editing that can easily be done with any photo editing app. I usually always up my brightness or exposure and increase my contrast. That is my personal preference that suits my style! The small little photo of Ryan and Holly is sorta-kinda the focus point but since it is so small, it is harder to focus on it with everything. This would be a photo I would share to ask a question to my followers.

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My light source. It was like 6:45pm and the sun was actually behind my studio so this is just ambient light and not direct light. (Although it looks very bright out – it really isn’t)

But see how my foam board is angled for shadow purposes. It really is a matter of preference. Take some photos of you turning your board around to get the desired look.

How to create a Insta-worthy photo Button

How to create a Insta-worthy photo Button

How to create a Insta-worthy photo Button


But wait – I won’t leave you hanging because taking a great photo is only part of the equation. Here are a few tips for when you actually post the photo:

  • Find your hashtag and use it. There are a lot of style bloggers out there that swear by this and so do I. I typically am tagging what is relevant to my photo – #gold #handwrittenletter #succulent #glitter. You get the idea. Find those hashtags, type them into a note, and copy and paste from that note to save you typing time if you use a lot of the same letters. I have notes that have newborn hashtags, studio hashtags, etc. Click on my personal hashtags to see how I use hashtags: #SamiMPhotography #SamiMNewborn #SamiMStudio #SamiMBehindTheScenes
  • Write great content and ask questions! You want to actually engage with your followers and not constantly post portfolio work or adverts. I am so guilty of doing this sometime – can y’all forgive me? It really is not about the number of followers but the relationships you get from those followers. Have them get to know you better! Quality over quantity, eh? I am sure my moma said that sometime or another in my life.

Boom – you will have an awesome insta-worthy post. Send me your mock-up examples! I can’t wait to see what kind of creative things y’all produce!



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Screenshot below for help:

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How to create a Insta-worthy photo

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