Why your instagram should be both business and personal

If you know me, than you know that I am a huge fan of social media – particularly Facebook and Instagram. I use Pinterest and Snapchat every now and then, but my two main squeezes are FB and Insta. I am a more visual person and I just love what these two social media offer but especially Instagram since it is so picture/video driven.

Personally, I have seen (and I follow) many photographers and creatives who have two different Instagram accounts for personal posts and for business posts. I also follow the creatives who intermingle their personal and business posts on one account. Now I am not saying that one way is more correct than the other because I do think this is a matter of opinion but in MY opinion, I love it when everyone’s content is in one place.******

So here are 3 reasons why your instagram should be both business and personal:

I want my clients to know me and vice versa.

When you meet me in person, I don’t want my clients to see only the “business” front that can be portrayed on social media. I want them to see the “party” (read that not as party but as passionate maybe and not so rigid) person.  Honestly, I think I am such a weird human sometimes and I can be so incredibly awkward. I think that lends an authenticity to me as a person, though. I want to make my clients comfortable and I want them to be able to relate to me. Whether I am off traveling somewhere, babysitting my rotten nephews or niece, or maybe I am cooking (ha! prob more like buying and eating) an incredible meal, I want to share it with those who follow me. I think it offers insight to me as a person and my personality because I am not this mythical working machine. I have crazy obsessions just like the next person (ahem, *Jon Snow*).

Truly knowing my clients is my end game. I read this somewhere and it’s so fitting to this point: “I want my friends to be clients and I want my clients to be friends.” I find this statement so true because getting daily insights into someone’s life and commenting back and forth with people I follow and who follow me is a wonderful way to relate to them and get closer to them. I have a few clients that I have become such great friends with because of social media.

Why your instagram should be both business and personal

The dividing line is hard to find. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Sitting down and planning separate content. Switching between usernames and having to remember passwords. Trying to find that dividing line in between what is considered business and what is too personal to share? Who really has time to do that? I can honestly say as a entrepreneur, especially during certain seasons, I am spending so much of my free time already investing it back into my business that I do not have time to sit and plan out content and switch between accounts. As a more organic poster anyways – which means that I will post when it happens (usually) or later that day – I want to show all of me and not just a one-dimensional persona. I truly believe it would be harder if I had to put on a certain persona for each account.

My business is so personal and intermingled. And I want to share my passion.

I have invested so much time, money, and love into my business. I absolutely adore what I do and my business is so entwined with my personal life, why would I not share it wherever and with whomever I can. Being a salesman is not my intention but I love sharing my passion of my images and products with my clients. Yes, I may show you what new products I have in my studio or a recent photo from a session but it is because I am so, so very excited about them. Also food for thought – if I don’t share my own work, who else will?


Have I convinced you to get one Instagram handle? If I didn’t, don’t worry! I truly think the decision is a personal preference and I have seen the merit in going either way.  As long as you are comfortable in your methods, those who follow you will embrace you, your business, and your passion.

I will leave you with this little nugget of wisdom. No matter if you have two accounts or one combined Insta account, remember that you are a “public” figure and you are also a professional. I am all for your sharing your personal stories and images, but remember that you are now living in a fishbowl where everyone can see everything you do and say. Your language, your political beliefs, and your personal activities will be looked at and will affect your business in a positive or negative way. Be smart in how you approach social media! Alienating current or potential clients is definitely something you do not want to do!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this topic! Do you have one or two (or multiple) instagrams? What are your reasonings? Do you have a high engagement with your images? I am so curious to see what your methods are and if it is successful.


*****Disclaimer: I know some may say, “hey Sami, you still have a personal and business facebook page.” Well that is true, I do. However, I am trying to approach my business page in a more personal way and share little facts or pieces of me through my posts and captions. I also do frequently share my business posts on my personal page (or tag myself in a photo).  I am working to the goal of creating a cohesive page that represents me as a person – business and all!


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Why your instagram should be both business and personal

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