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Although I don’t do many weddings, you would be surprised how many times during email correspondence or in past weddings I have been asked these questions. Here is a compilation of some of the wedding related frequently asked questions.

  1. Professional wedding photographers are so expensive. Do I really need to spend money for one? Can’t I just get *insert cousin, uncle Bob, friend with great camera* to take my photos since I only want *insert lists of desired photos taken from Pinterest*?
    • Do I really have to answer this question? Of course you need a professional photographer! I know that everyone is on a budget for their big day but you are going to be going 90-to-nothing on your wedding day and having those pictures to look back at are the best thing since sliced bread. I mean, you are spending a LOT of money on everything else. You might as well have it all documented gorgeously, right? But you don’t just want any only plain-jane photographer out there. You need someone who understands your needs and plans for them in advance. Someone who is a master of their camera and has the “eye.” Your photographer should be just as important as your decision on a dress. Are you ready to say yes to the photographer?
  2. How do I book my wedding day with you?
    • Easy! I try to be available for future brides as much as possible. You can fill out the contact form above so I have information. Or you can just email or call me to set up an in-person consultation in my studio. I am happy to chat with you about availability, answer any questions you may have, or just sit and listen! At the consultation, we can go over the wedding agreement in detail and just girl talk (or guy talk). No pressure to book! In order to reserve your date, I do require a $500 (non-refundabl
      ) deposit and a signed contract–this amount will be subtracted from the balance of the package you choose.  What are you waiting for?? Contact me!
  3. When can I expect to receive my photos after the wedding?
    First off, I like to tell you that I feel like an editing machine. I edit fast sometimes because I am just so excited to see the pictures and then share them

    • with you! With that being said, it does takes a lot of time to choose the best pictures, edit them, and create your wedding story. I can take 1000+ pictures on your big day depending on how long I am there. I also have other sessions and life to contend with that varies. Therefore, I give myself a 4-6 week deadline from the wedding date to have your photos ready. Sometimes I only take two weeks, sometimes I take the six weeks. Just know that as I work, I will give you peeks into your photos and updates on where I am.
  4. What is the “First Look” and why do you recommend it?
    • I love doing a “first look” from the standpoint of being a photographer. You have no idea how much less stress and less rush there is on your big day if you choose to do one. I like to mention to brides how special a first look is – you are not distracted by your guests and the ceremony decorations, it is just you, your groom, and your photographer.  I promise that the first look will be one of the most memorable parts of your wedding day and it will be full of emotion, happiness, tears and excitement.
    • Lastly,  your guests don’t have to wait on you while you are getting ALL of your formal photos. You can get soooo many more photos, especially couple portraits, if you are not rushing to get to your reception. Disclaimer: I love taking some photos after the reception, especially if its sunset time, but you have no idea how much easier it is for family portraits and bridal portraits to be done and over with BEFORE the ceremony. Do I need to say anything more to convince you?? However, I am a huge advocate for doing whatever you want so if you want to wait for the ceremony, I want to ensure you have that special moment documented!
  5. Will you travel for weddings?
    • Of course! Destination weddings are my FAVORITE because I have a major case of the travel bug! I have a passport and I am a self-diagnosed Travel junkie! Travel quotes are
      available upon request. They include all associated travel fees such as mileage/plane ticket, hotel accommodations if applicable, and a meal.
  6. Do I own the copyright to my images?
    • Although SamiM Photography releases the right for you to print your photos and use them for personal use, I retain the copyright for all the images. That means that you cannot advertise with my images without my express and written permission. Just please be cool and don’t alter the photos and do anything crazy with them. I may cry.


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