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SamiM Photography defining a small business

I have learned in the last few years that branding is not just a logo and a name. There are so many other things, including colors, fonts, graphics, and of course images. Giving your website and social media accounts a consistent tone and feeling keeps your readers and followers coming back because they know what they expect.

Recently, I have been reading the incredible book called How to Style Your Brand by Fiona Humberstone. She is a branding expert who takes you step-by-step into defining a small business’ personality and creating a distinctive brand. I heard about the book through some Instagram marketing for her newest book (marketing on social media for the win — it sucked me in) and I truly enjoyed reading it and going through the self-directed tasks she suggests.

You don’t need to be rich to sparkle.


Although this book should not be a replacement for a professional designer creating a brand from scratch, it was such a great resource for delving deeper into my current brand which I love so much! I obviously didn’t want to change anything but I did want to add some depth or flair as Fiona describes.

In case you are wondering, my brand is a “winter” theme. The more you know! According to Fiona, the winter personalitySamiM Photography defining a small business“is realistic, self assured, practical and reliable…Winter personalities make for highly driven, successful and decisive business owners. They have the ability to both create the big vision and drop down to the detail…They get things done and they get them down now.” I was liking how much these descriptions suited me.

As I delved into it deeper, I started to find myself nodding my head along with Fiona and her analysis of the “winter” nuances. Apparently, this theme is the luxurious season and the only one that contains pure black and white. It also is known for it’s strong, clean patterns. That fits my brand PERFECTLY!

As I went through the whole book and after many days pinteresting, google hunting, and social media navigating, I decided some changes were in order. I wanted to enhance my brand. You may have noticed a few changes already to my website. I am accenting with greenery, I will start incorporating jewel tones in my social media posts, and adding some marble texture here and there. Here is the brand board I created.

Let me know what you think!SamiM Photography defining a small business

This was such a fun exercise and I cannot wait to get my hand on Fiona’s newest book!


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