Word of Mouth // the SamiM Photography Referral Program

Ashburn Ga Photography Word of Mouth Referral Program SamiM Photography

“Do what you do so well that people can’t resist telling others about you!”

Walt Disney

Word of mouth is such a powerful tool for small businesses. The service I provide my clients is a reflection on my business and I can guarantee it is passed around without a second thought.

Recommendations easily spread like wildfire, especially in small towns. Imagine a new restaurant opens and you friend tells you about their amazing tacos. Well you trust your friend’s judgment, go try those tacos, and you determine they are as amazing as your friend said. What is the next step in that pattern? You share with YOUR friends so that everyone can try those incredible tacos. And onward it goes until it becomes the best place all because of that one word of mouth recommendation! Photography is really no different than those tacos. When you find an amazing photographer, why would you not recommend them to a friend?

At SamiM Photography, one of the perks of being an incredible client is that when you refer a friend and they book a session, I offer you BOTH an incentive – a referral credit! It gets even better though when you recommend over and over because you could potentially  earn a free session. I conveniently provide you with a set of wallet photos and all you need to do is pass them out to those who are interested! Super easy and you are helping a small local business right in your community.

If you are interested in potentially receiving a free session with yours truly, be sure to send me an email with the subject “SamiM Photography Referral program.” I can definitely get you ready to rock and roll so that you and your friends can start earning credits!



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