You gotta jump: finding courage in the risks

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I just love starting off a post with a good quote. It gives you the feel-good emotions after reading it, sometimes it will resonate with something within you the reader in a different way, and let me just be honest, I think it is just a plain good opener to a piece of writing.

I am sure you have heard the idea that in order to have success, you have to “jump” and take the risk. Have courage like e.e. cummings quotes above.

Courage. Such a simple word but such a hard concept for myself to actually achieve. I never thought I was courageous. Definitely not a Gryffindor (Proud Ravenclaw right here for the HP fans out there). I am completely terrified of falling flat on my face. No, but really, falling is one of my worst fears – literally and metaphorically.

Much like everything in life, there is an element of risk in order to get to your ultimate goal – to be what you consider successful. According to the incredible Jasmine Star, success is determined individually and it is always changing:

There isn’t a singular definition of success. Each of us must define our own version of success, so we can celebrate the moment when it arrives…but also be ready to redefine success so we can keep growing.

Crossing the hypothetical bridge or forging one’s own path. Climbing that mountain (a la Miley Cyrus’s 2009 hit.) Such a scary concept and hard for someone like me who is a big ol’ chicken. I totally accept the clucks because I am constantly terrified.

But owning a business actively requires me to jump with both feet forward. To have courage.

I wanted to share some courageous risks to help you in life or in your business in order to achieve what you deem successful.


Step outside of your imaginary box and be free.

Repetition. Monotony. Redundancy. SAT words that essentially mean being stuck in a creative rut or just getting too comfortable. From a personal standpoint, I really don’t like change. I love knowing what to expect. But from a business standpoint, I think the fastest way to grow and evolve is to get uncomfortable. Take that risk and and just do something you have been wanting to do. You may fail spectacularly, but what if you don’t?

Push through the hard stuff.

How many people have hit that roadblock in life or business? What about experienced dead periods where you hear nothing but crickets *hoping* someone contacts you about a session? Anyone else attempt to write a blog post but constantly procrastinate by doing everything else imaginable, even cleaning your bathroom? I think I have experienced all of this within the past couple of months. Heck, the blog post procrastination happened just last night. It is so easy to lose your motivation or to just get scared. Believe me, I am absolutely terrified sometimes. However, I think that pushing through those difficult times and learning what you could do differently is vital. Don’t sit and wait for that puddle to dry up – jump in that mud puddle and enjoy the splash.

Be a chocolate sprinkled donut if you want to be a chocolate sprinkled donut.

Kinda related to the previous point but I think it deserves its own section. This idea is more about going against the grain and being your own person. BElieve in YOUrself.  I cannot say this enough. I never truly gained my confidence in myself until I accepted my flaws, stopped comparing myself to my peers, and did what made me happy. (I highly recommend you go read my honest post about it: Comparison is the thief of joy.)
If you are colorful and bold, be the brightest person in the crowd. If you are more reserved and toned done, then own it. Stop trying to make yourself like those around you. Be your own person and have your own style. Be bold or evocative. Or elegant and sophisticated. Be happy.


e.e. cummings’ quote says it take courage. Pure, unadulterated bravery. Man, having courage is easier said than done. Fear and doubts – it will immobilize you.

Do something boldly.
Learn from your failures.
Practice your craft.
Be kind.
Take a risk.

If you want to be successful,
You gotta jump.



PS. I love reading your comments. Please feel free to share below some of your fears, risks you have taken, and the rewards you have reaped in life or your business. Who knows? Maybe someone else is struggling with the same thing but is scared to take the jump.

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