Finding confidence in your self

Ashburn Ga Photographer Finding Confidence in your self whimsical flowersToday, I am tackling the hard, deep stuff. The stuff no one likes talking about but it is so very needed – especially after a few conversations I have had these past few months. Today’s topic is in regards to confidence. In theory, confidence may seem like breeze but confidence in the way we look, oh man, that is a tough one. It is a concept that is hard for everyone including (or should I say especially?) myself. Why is it so hard finding confidence in your self?

As a photographer, very rarely am I on the other side of the camera unless it is absolutely necessary. I feel like I look like a total goober every single time I get photos done for my travel blog or for new head shots. Out of literally 10-20 photos, I may like 1 photo of myself. MAYBE. Therefore, I completely understand the anxiety of getting in front of the camera. Recently, I have gotten various questions from my clients where they frantically ask things like the following (and these are all real requests):

  • “Can you make me look thinner?”
  • “Can you remove my double chin?”
  • “I have black circles under my eyes. You can photoshop that, right?”
  • “Are you able to make me look beautiful?”

I am always at a loss in how to respond to those comments or questions. On one hand, I understand that the issue is with society in general but on another, I want to be the person who empowers clients.

So here is my promise to you.

I will enhance your beauty with flattering poses and minimal editing.

I will encourage your confidence with true words.

I will emphasize your worth by capturing your true essence.

I will embolden your courage by showing your true potential.


Finding comfort in your own skin, realizing your own beauty, and treasuring that inherent value is so important. You are gorgeous because you are an incredible person. You are important because you have value. You are magnificent because there is no one like you.

Whether you are supermom, a supreme lady boss, or maybe you are both? Love yourself first. Finding confidence in your self is vital. Recognize your own beauty and OWN it.

I will work on it myself.


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Finding confidence in your self

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