Photoshop Basics with Sami: Making your background transparent

Hello hello! I am on a rolllll with this blogging every week streak. Let us take a moment of silence and bask in this moment and make sure I continue this.

Done? Thanks for that!

I thought I would hop on here and start a new blogging series for any creative artist (or anyone fascinated with modern technology) who wanted to learn some Adobe Photoshop basics!

I am by no means an expert on Photoshop. I have been working with the program going on 5 years and I am self-taught. My techniques might be technically wrong but it’s how I do what I do, ya hear?! (said in a mafia gangster voice). I am sure I googled how to do this very technique years ago so I thought I would pass on my knowledge to you!

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let us begin!
Removing a background from an image(read that as: making the background transparent) is suuuuuper easy! This is perfect for those who want to share an image online or via social media but you want to make sure your logo is still on the picture for marketing purposes. Or perhaps you have a design you are trying to create in Photoshop and you want to put a piece of clip art on it but not the background? This is the video for you!

Without further ado, I have created this nifty little screen recording that walks you through this! Also, I find it super weird listening to myself. Just saying.

So I am sure you have questions! I am constantly using shortcuts via the keyboard keys (and I try to explain in the video after the fact – oops…sorry!) but there is a very real chance that I may not have explained something that well! Just ask me please!

Also, let me know what kind of topics you want me to talk about next in regards to basics!

Just some ideas I had:

  • Skin Editing with free or inexpensive methods
  • How I cull my portrait sessions from hundreds of images
  • editing images in Adobe Camera Raw before photoshop editing
  • clipping masks
  • head swaps (or other composites)

Until next time!

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